'13 Steps to B2B Marketing Success' an Industrial Marketing Roadmap

Ed Marsh | Oct 10, 2012 3:09:16 AM

"13 Steps to B2B Marketing Success" eBook Provides Industrial Marketing Roadmap

Comprehensive approach provides actionable steps for small business marketers

BOSTON, MA, 10 October, 2012

consilium global business advisors b2b marketing ebookConsilium Global Business Advisors announces the publication of its new eBook "13 Steps to B2B Marketing Success." The eBook presents a straightforward plan designed to take the intimidating edge off of cutting edge inbound marketing methods. Free of "geek speak" the eBook guides SMB owners and marketers through the obligatory transformation from traditional (and ineffective) B2B marketing to an effective approach that supports business growth objectives. Traditional agencies eager to adapt to new market realities will also find it to be a worthwhile reference.

Each step is discussed in detail, drawing on important context, and includes action items and various on-line resources, including downloadable worksheets, to support the transformational work. Targeted at the industrial marketing space, Consilium's "13 Steps to B2B Marketing Success" is equally applicable to nearly all B2B marketing applications including professional services and many technology products.

"We're really excited to release this." comments Dave Kaupp, Consilium Principal and digital marketing expert. "The SMB space is really struggling to adapt its B2B marketing to evolving market conditions, and many companies are missing the dynamic growth opportunities which are available even in challenging market conditions. But there's so much fluff and hype about the internet, that business folks who have companies to run on a daily basis can't sort through what's real. We've done that in this eBook, and lay out a process to which regular business people can relate. And they can undertake the process on their own. It's no longer mystical. Properly constructed inbound marketing is an amazing equalizer that small and medium size companies can use to their remarkable advantage."

"This eBook complements the evolutionary marketing aspect of Consilium's dual channel approach to SMB business development. Our research confirms our experience that companies are struggling to grow. They have two avenues available – effective marketing and new markets. SMBs are the backbone of the American economy, and they should be thriving. However, hesitancy to update marketing approaches, and to explore export opportunities, hinders that potential. Consilium is the only firm that has combined expertise in these two vital areas. As such we are positioned to help B2B companies leverage their unique products and services for breakout growth – at home and internationally." says Ed Marsh, Consilium Principal and International Business Expert.

Despite market pressures, growth opportunities abound for B2B companies that are creative and adaptive. Consilium's "13 Steps to B2B Marketing Success" outlines a simple approach to update marketing, and will be supplemented within weeks by the report "The Current State of B2B Sales & Marketing: The Evolution; Why owners and "C" level execs should be pumped and why VPs of Sales & Marketing should be terrified!"

Companies interested in exploring evolutionary marketing, and/or new market opportunities should call to discuss their objectives.

"13 Steps to B2B Marketing Success" is available for free download here

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Consilium Global Business Advisors provides THE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION for American SMBs. Challenged with dramatically slowing growth and rapidly changing global market conditions, SMBs embrace Consilium’s straightforward, economical & effective solutions. Unlike a traditional silo approach to marketing or market development, Consilium’s unique method is built on a synthesis of domestic and international inbound marketing based on a culturally localized methodology; with an integrated suite of international growth services. Collectively these comprise a comprehensive solution that enable US SMBs to engage customers as they expect to be engaged; and to do so profitably across huge , fast growing global markets supporting substantial sales growth.