Brandeis University Taps Ed Marsh for Virtual Management Committee

Ed Marsh | Sep 9, 2012 10:21:31 AM

Consilium Principal Ed Marsh tapped for Brandeis University Virtual Management Committee

Brandeis University has selected Consilium Global Business Advisors principal Ed Marsh to serve on its Rabb School Graduate Professional Studies Advisory Board and its Virtual Management Committee

BOSTON, MA, 10 Sept, 2012

Ed Marsh, founding Principal of Consilium Global Business Advisors and an experienced international business entrepreneur has accepted an advisory position on Brandeis University’s Rabb School of Graduate Professional Studies Advisory Board.

Brandeis’ M.S. in Virtual Management program is designed to prepare graduates to lead and manage globe spanning remote teams, drawing on practical preparation to overcome challenges of distance, diversity, technology, cultural diversity and communications. It is an example of Brandeis’ recognized approach to functional graduate programs, creative program delivery and a focus on skills that create substantive value quickly for career professionals.

“I’m honored to have been selected for this role. Brandeis is highly respected for its ability to deliver graduate programs that make a difference for graduates and their employers. Globalization is driving a revolution in teaming and collaboration – across individual styles, companies, cultures and continents. Excellence in distributed teaming has huge implications for American businesses competing globally and I’m excited to contribute.”

Aline Yurik, Academic Program Chair comments “Ed’s a great addition. We’re thrilled to have the valuable perspective that his international business experience brings. We focus our programs on relevance rather than theory, and his experience creating and managing teams globally is relevant to our program and our students.”

Ed Marsh has founded several companies across industries and geographies including a firm in Mumbai, India. He has extensive international business development and industrial marketing experience. He is the founding principal of Consilium Global Business Advisors, a business development consulting firm for American SMBs. Leveraging an inbound marketing platform and real world global experience, Consilium helps growth hungry companies add clients in home and international markets.

About Consilium Global Business Advisors

Consilium Global Business Advisors provides THE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION for American SMBs. Challenged with dramatically slowing growth and rapidly changing global market conditions, SMBs embrace Consilium’s straightforward, economical & effective solutions. Unlike a traditional silo approach to marketing or market development, Consilium’s unique method is built on a synthesis of domestic and international inbound marketing based on a culturally localized methodology; with an integrated suite of international growth services. Collectively these comprise a comprehensive solution that enable US SMBs to engage customers as they expect to be engaged; and to do so profitably across huge , fast growing global markets supporting substantial sales growth.