Chatting with Jim Blasingame about SMB global sales growth

Ed Marsh | Aug 12, 2016

The Small Business Advocate Radio Show

ed marsh chatted with Jim Blasingame about export and global sales opportunities for SMBsI had a blast on Wednesday morning to join Jim Blasingame on his award winning The Small Business Advocate® Show. It's described as "the world's only weekday small business radio program...airs nationally on the radio (since 1997) and is simulcast worldwide on the Internet (since 1998) for two hours every weekday from 7-9 am Eastern. Radio affiliates often replay the show in other day-parts, including experts and thought-leaders - the Brain Trust - in their fields". 

export consultant and digital marketing expert ed marsh spoke with jim blasingame about how SMBs can sell globallyWe had a wonderful conversation about the enormous opportunity most SMBs have to grow their global business profitably.

The wide ranging conversation covered topics including:

  • The magnitude of the global sales growth opportunity (95% of the world's buyers are outside the US)
  • Benefits to exporting (resilience, higher wages for employees, diversification, global appeal to millennial workforce, lessons learned that improve domestic results)
  • How the internet makes global sales possible in ways which it wasn't even five years ago 
  • The enormous array of government, state & private resources available to support SMB efforts
  • How to ensure you get paid
  • and more

Recordings of the three segments of the interview are available here:

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Not only was Jim an incredibly gracious host, but he's a content marketing rock star - and it was a blast to chat with him.

If you're an SMB wondering whether global sales growth is feasible or sensible for you, the answer is likely yes. The internet has completely changed the risk reward calculus for companies. Today a well optimized website and digital footprint (what you need to be doing for your domestic business anyway) is your gateway to global sales.

Sure, there are some technical steps to manage, but building awareness, finding buyers and creating global brands used to be so expensive and cumbersome that only big companies could manage.

Today, if you have a website or Facebook're a global company.

Download this free guide to learn more about how the internet helps to empower and "de-risk" global sales growth - for SMBs from tiny to solidly middle market.

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