Common Sense - The Challenge of Growing Industrial Sales Through Disruption

Ed Marsh | Jan 4, 2018

Real & Perceived - Change that Impacts

About Common Sense - About John & Ed

john mctigueJohn McTigue recently retired from his role as co-owner of Kuno Creative, one of the preeminent B2B content marketing agencies in the country, and is now the Martech Whisperer. In his new role he's working with companies to navigate the convoluted world of the revenue growth tech stack. John can be reached at: 



You've met Ed here on the site. 

For many years John and Ed have enjoyed talking about thorny issues around B2B marketing & sales, and recently we've started to record those conversations. We're calling it "Common Sense"  based on our shared love of history, and the perspective we hope we bring. 

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Disruption Discussion Synopsis

Is disruption in industrial sales real? Something that middle-market companies need to face head on? Or can they let the change happen and learn from watching big companies?

This episode includes:

  • the nature of middle market disruption and what market and technology trends are driving it
  • which industries are winning and losing
  • where CEOs should focus their attention
  • buyer expectations - root cause and roadmap for success
  • the unsuitability of linear thinking and process to meeting the challenge of industrial sales disruption
  • separating key signal from lots of change "noise"
  • what's next

We dive into each of those and more as part of this conversation about disruption in industrial sales.

Transcript Follows:

Ed Marsh:   Welcome to Common Sense. Thanks for joining us today. I'm Ed and ...