Summer shutdown, retooling, maintenance & manufacturing revenue growth

Ed Marsh | Aug 7, 2015


Refocusing production and manufacturing revenue growth

It's that time of year when many companies have a plant shutdown.  Not only does it simplify vacation scheduling, but it also gives manufacturing facilities a chance to do the PMs and deferred maintenance that can't always be worked into a busy production schedule.  Of course in some industries like auto manufacturing the shutdown acommodates the process of retooling for a new model year; while in others that are focused on Christmas production this may be the peak season and shutdowns may come during the holidays.

Whenever it falls though, there's probably a block of time that you shut down to give your production lines a breather and your maintenance team time to catch up.

So that begs the question....what's your plan for a semi-annual retooling of your approach to manufacturing revenue growth?   Are you just reviewing the same pipeline report?  Tired of excuses about how buyers are all on vacation so there's no opportunity to develop new projects?  

Whether you decide to approach it as a retool for an entire model relaunch, or simply tweaking last year's model with a couple updates to keep it fresh, this may be the perfect time for a "sales process shutdown" period for revenue growth maintenance too!

Systemic changes to respond to changing buying habits

Manufacturing revenue growth used to be about managing reps' activity levels (cold calls, quotes, etc.)  That was when your sales rep managed the process and buyers needed them.  Of course that's changed - but the change is bigger than simply how buyers research and decide - it impacts how you staff and what programs you staff and support.

This narrated series of illustrations outlines what's changed and how B2B sales and marketing need to adapt.  (After you "start prezi" then use the forward arrow below to advance slides as the narration concludes for each slide.  You may want to view it full screen to read the slides.) 

Small changes with big impact

This just a model refresh year?  How about something as simple as your typical presentation. Here's a fascinating look at data which demonstrates how the order of introducing unconsidered needs (products of great questions, business acumen and industry insight) can substantially impact close rates.

The Science of Unconsidered Needs from Stanford study results.

Change for growth, not just change for change

Whether you tackle a big project (if you don't this year, you'll have to next year - after all your buyers have ALREADY changed!) this year or make some tweaks, don't just make the change for the sake of change.  Ensure that it's aligned with company strategy and market trends.

Download our free guide to "Manufacturing Revenue Growth" for a road map of the process that can drive growth in qualified leads, orders and revenue.  But don't be surprised....success is going to require tooling your organizational staffing and resource allocation.  You may discover that some of yesterday's 'hotshots' simply don't have what it takes to succeed today.  And you may find that you need to take a fresh look at how you finance your sales, marketing and revenue growth as well.

But get started!  Buyers aren't waiting, and this will take more than methodically hitting every zerk fitting.  

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