What's trending for #WorldTradeMonth

Ed Marsh | May 12, 2016


world trade month

If you can enjoy politics as a spectator event without your blood pressure spiking, the trade debate is a fascinating topic to track.  

It disrupts otherwise closely aligned partisan positions around conflicted ideologies.Last year's debate over ExIm Bank is a great example.

Since May is World Trade Month it offers some entertaining (and informative spectating.)

I plan to have some interesting news from Washington, D.C. next week, but in the meantime following the #WorldTradeMonth hashtag will keep you up to date on strongly held policy positions and highlights.

Want to find out how you can derisk your own company's global expansion? Check out this guide that weaves together the practice of digital marketing with foreign market entry. And here's a deep dive on the topic from the perspective of the ExIm debate.

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