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3 #Fails - Why Your B2B Social Media Strategy is a Train Wreck

Ed Marsh on Jan 27, 2017

industrial marketing b2b marketing b2b sales

Companies just don't get it....because execs don't get it I've written in the past about the generational challenge facing B2B manufacturing businesses that overlook the growing role of social media in their industrial marketing. I've also written about the risks of B2B social media - including the largest risk....that companies ignore it (and more...
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5 steps to ensure your B2B website is properly completed

Ed Marsh on Jan 10, 2017

industrial marketing strategy

B2B website click bait title
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5 Ways Expanding Global Sales Will Strengthen Your Business

Ed Marsh on Jan 4, 2017

export strategy

Beyond simple revenue growth Companies often think of export or global sales in the context of incremental revenue. That's a seductive story when one considers that 95% of the world's buyers are outside the US. But for companies that are doing "well", or even "OK", simply adding more sales may not be enough to move the needle.
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Beyond 'publishing' - the Wiki phase of industrial content marketing

Ed Marsh on Nov 17, 2016

industrial marketing Content Marketing strategy

Passing between epochs I saw an article recently which quoted a geologist who believes that the earth is transitioning from the Holocene epoch, which we've been in for roughly 12,000 years since the end of the Pleistocene, into an new epoch which he proposes to call the Anthropocene. That's a pretty bold claim - and I'm going to make another. We're...
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Two diagnostics determine success at industrial content marketing

Ed Marsh on Sep 22, 2016

Inbound marketing is a scientific process Proponents suggest that the mystery of marketing fades in the face of data; that the "I know I'm wasting half my marketing, I just don't know which half" quandary is resolved. That's true. For executives with financial and engineering backgrounds it offers insights into what had traditionally been a budget ...
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Manufacturers whistling past the IoT graveyard

Ed Marsh on Sep 13, 2016

industrial marketing strategy Industry 4.0

It's the data....not the machine I recently wrote an article entitled "Why are American Machinery Manufacturers Ignoring IoT & Industry 4.0?" I cited data from Boston Consulting Group that highlighted the rather relaxed approach US manufacturers were taking to the IoT. I wrote about differences in perspective and mindset. Companies tend to think of...
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Why you'd better buy a Tesla

Ed Marsh on Sep 8, 2016

industrial marketing channel management Industry 4.0

Complex buying, evolving sales channel models & product service systems Capital equipment manufacturers tend to have a pretty conservative view of the world. It was, it is, and it will be much as they know it. That is....until it isn't. I recommend that every owner of a capital equipment manufacturer or distributor run, don't walk, to go buy a Tesl...
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Waste & inefficiency in B2B Sales & industrial marketing

Ed Marsh on Aug 16, 2016

corporate strategy industrial marketing b2b sales

3 counterproductive obsessions The inbound marketing movement has led to lots of interesting discussion around sales approaches. That's understandable - after all, as buyers have more tools at their disposal to self serve and avoid sales people, it's reasonable that more than marketing needs to change. Foresightful companies are creating a continuu...
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Chatting with Jim Blasingame about SMB global sales growth

Ed Marsh on Aug 12, 2016

export digital marketing export consultant b2b sales

The Small Business Advocate Radio Show I had a blast on Wednesday morning to join Jim Blasingame on his award winning The Small Business Advocate® Show. It's described as "the world's only weekday small business radio program...airs nationally on the radio (since 1997) and is simulcast worldwide on the Internet (since 1998) for two hours every week...
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Remainder of '16 will be tough for machine builders & industrial manufacturers

Ed Marsh on Aug 10, 2016

industrial marketing strategy Capital Equpiment

Everybody is hesitant There's a lot of uncertainty weighing on capital equipment sales. Some companies have seen sales fall. Others have maintained revenue but seen declines in key indicators of upcoming quarterly sales. There are two key factors: low levels of capital investment enormous political uncertainty Add to that the normal summer lull in ...
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