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VerticallyIntegratedLogoVertically Integrated

Consilium develops effective global business development solutions that produce results!  Export programs are often viewed through a narrow prism of distributor discovery.  At Consilium we believe that a narrow perspective produces commensurate results.  Our programs integrate a suite of disciplines which collectively constitute a unique export advisory solution.  Our approach combines strategic planning and market selection; logistics, legal, insurance and finance; infrastructural components; organic marketing localization; and relevant government relations.  (Download our eBook on incorporating government resources into your export initiative.)  The Consilium model offers companies a uniquely comprehensive, cost-effective and faster route to export sales revenue growth.

AdvisoryLogoAdvisory, Assistance, Execution

Export initiatives have life-cycles and recurring iterations.  Proper planning is the foundation for a successful business development effort.  But planning alone produces a forlorn document.  Translating a strategically sound plan into a series of preparatory action steps is critical to a smooth launch.  Consilium assists companies in anticipating and preparing numerous details in advance of a formal launch.  Subsequently Consilium stands ready, with real-world experience in diverse markets, a multitude of products and a range of channel models, to assist in the field launch and growth management of the initiative.  

Learn more about our Process here.

SalesValueLogoIncreasing Sales & Value

This is ultimately what separates us from other export advisors.  Our aim is to develop your presence and awareness of your products in overseas markets to ensure sustainable, profitable sales growth.  While the intricacies of exporting are important, Consilium complements its understanding of those details with the “know how” to secure new markets in an expeditious and strategically sound manner.  Export and global business development initiatives developed using Consilium’s vertically integrated multi-disciplinary model result in lower overall cost and shorter runway time to pipeline activity.  Ultimately this equates to sales and profits in foreign markets.


In short “what” we do is drive business growth for companies while minimizing risk and cost and reducing delays.  Through thorough planning grounded in a strategic, real-world perspective we will craft and deliver a tailor-made plan that is right for your company, right for your product and right for your budget.  Consilium develops a concrete strategy to meet the abstract challenge of global business development (You can explore “How” we tackle engagements here.)



We evaluate potential markets based on your company’s strategic objectives and product, in the context of a myriad of market factors and trends.  Have you ever looked at your potential markets through a lens like this one?  (For best effect click the “Full Screen” button in the upper right corner, or launch the site in a new window.)