“When we’re at the table we win.”

Nearly every B2B manufacturing company exec says the same thing.  And yet, sales aren’t growing as quickly as they should to support growth plans.

On the one hand, you’ve changed your buying habits, both personally and as a company.  But on the other (in most cases), you haven’t changed your model.  You’ve got a team of direct sales, supported by a small marketing contingent and working through sales channel.

To create B2B manufacturing sales growth in today’s markets requires that you accept certain fundamental truths:

  • Over 90% of B2B purchases originate with an internet search.
  • 95% of the world’s buyers are outside the US.
  • Buyers will conduct much of their buying process (>70%) before they are willing to speak to a sales rep.
  • The world’s fastest growing manufacturing centers are in frontier markets.
  • Nobody buys products today - they buy the impact of what they buy on their critical KPIs.

So, you have be at the table, but it’s not good enough to sneak in just as someone says grace. Today, you need to set the table and seat yourself at the head.

That takes a long-term, cerebral approach to process excellence in business development, just like what you’ve successfully implemented in your operations.  Here at Consilium, we excel at helping $20-250MM manufacturing companies do just that.