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Ed’s broad B2B experience, overall business acumen, and deep insight into today’s complex digital landscape are tremendous assets. This powerful toolset, combined with his flair for analytics and team building, was instrumental in helping us take our digital marketing to the next level. If you want fresh, informed insight into your marketing and sales practices or to ensure they’re aligned with your buyers’ behaviors and expectations, a conversation with Ed should be at the top of your To Do list.

-Paul Stewart, former Director of Marketing, Lantech, LLC

Special expertise in industrial manufacturing - particularly packaging related

Ed has broad industrial marketing experience with particular concentration in:

  • Packaging machinery and consumables

  • Capital equipment manufacturers

  • Automation technology

Client experience

Key packaging, process and automation client experience include:

pmmi logo.gifPMMI - When PMMI wanted to develop a "digital strategy" to complement their industry leading trade shows, they turned to Ed who assembled and led a team that developed a comprehensive strategy. Ultimately PMMI acquired PackagingWorld/Summit Publishing.


- A well known manufacturer of conveyors, pallet wrapping and case packaging equipment, Lantech turned to Ed for the unique combination of industry and digital marketing experience - particularly the familiarity with packaging machinery and capital equipment sales & marketing domestically and globally.


Rovema NA - Subsidiary of a German manufacturer of vertical form/fill/seal flexible packaging systems, Rovema was eager to reestablish it's presence in the North American market after some years of positioning confusion. They selected Ed for his understanding of complex, technical B2B sales; his familiarity with cultural challenges for German engineered equipment marketing in the US; and his deep expertise in industrial digital marketing.



Auburn Systems - A manufacturer of process control instrumentation, Auburn invented a category of triboelectric detection but hadn't marketed extensively outside of EPA related emissions monitoring applications. They recognized Ed's understanding of B2B buying cycles, the key role of personas, and strategic content marketing.



Ibea - A German manufacturer of high speed vision systems for inspecting cans and other packaging selected Ed for his understanding of the unique challenges facing DACH companies trying to expand their US market presence.

Career & Channel experience 

  • Ed started in the packaging industry in 1992 - shortly after leaving the Army. He attended his first (of many) PackExpo International that same year.
  • He has sold in all phases of channel (distributor, rep, manufacturer) for machinery, services and consumables
  • Ed has partnered with German members of VDMA helping them to penetrate and grow their US market presence
  • He founded a company in India to represent US & German packaging machinery manufacturers there and to make a market for high end used machinery
  • He brings a business owner's perspective to selling complex solutions to real business problems
  • Although not a trained engineer he brings great technical depth to machinery discussions and project management
  • Extensive global experience helps him to identify market development opportunities
  • His understanding of IoT, sharing economy and other macro trends enrich his advice to capital equipment manufacturers
  • He has up and downstream experience that compliments his consulting - for instance working with machine shops that contract components for capital equipment manufacturers as well as with distributors, reps and integrators


Industrial Marketing for Capital Equipment & Automation Manufacturers

Specializing in the packaging industry

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