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    Conversational Marketing in a Global Online World

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    Your website makes you global

    International sales used to require a complex, expensive and speculative export strategy. Companies gambled on target markets and invested years in developing them.

    Today the same digital marketing that helps to attract and convert domestic prospects does the same with global buyers.

    As international leads accumulate, companies can use real data to select target markets for further development and localize buyer personas, messaging, language, and even localized microsites accordingly.

    But even companies that only have American English websites often harvest lots of traffic, leads and projects from non-English speakers.

    Traditionally company leaders might have ignored this activity. Now with technology and creativity companies can service multi-lingual dispersed customers easily.

    Buyer expect engagement now - technology enables this

    Today buyers expect simpler, easier and faster interactions. That means mobile optimization, carefully designed UX and, increasingly, conversational marketing and sales. This is the global NOW generation.

    Suddenly global interactions are no longer constrained by time and distance - instead they're real time. This creates an entire new set of considerations - both challenges and opportunities - for proactive, growth-hungry businesses.conversational_marketing

    Buyers expect in-language communications...but they don't have to be perfect

    Traditional approaches to translation and localization provide an inadequate framework for thinking about engaging global visitors. Language, business hours, and business culture are factors which impact real-time interaction.

    Evolving Conversational Marketing

    If you practice conversational marketing in multiple languages, does that mean you are translating (asynchronous, written language) or interpreting (real-time spoken language)? Great question!

    And there are more:

    • how many languages
    • what languages
    • how to hand off to salespeople that don't speak the language
    • how to manage GDPR and other compliance
    • how can existing tools help
    • what language services are available
    • how will language services likely adapt

    Let's brainstorm this together

    Nobody's written this rule book yet. We'd love to have you help us.

    Watch this webinar at your convenience. International business and digital marketing expert Ed Marsh will moderate a panel discussion with global experts Alyssa Donahue of Drift and Wendy Pease of Rapport International.

    wendy alyssa 150sq

    You've got international traffic and inquiries - and if you don't have conversational marketing yet, you will soon. Learn what questions to ask to bring put company on the leading edge.

    Join us as we tackle these tough, unanswered and fascinating questions and put yourself on the fast track to successful global conversational marketing!

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