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Revenue Growth 
For Industrial Manufacturers

You've likely invested in growth, and maybe seen some results - but you're not driving the return you anticipated. Is it your strategy? Your sales? Your marketing? Do you outsource parts of it, or do you take a different approach to building the muscle internally?


Consulting: Impact Today & Results for Years

We understand you and your buyers.  We’re exceptional industrial strategists and digital marketers, and we’ve got on the ground B2B biz dev experience on nearly every continent. (Not too much B2B sales demand in Antarctica these days!)


About Ed

Keynote Speaker - Consultant - Director - Author - Veteran Advocate

Ed was going to be an architect; before he was going to be an engineer; before he graduated from Johns Hopkins; before he was an Army Infantry Officer (Airborne Ranger); before he set B2B industrial sales records; before he was partners with a German capital equipment manufacturer; before he founded a distribution/rep company for industrial products in India; until he concluded that managing operational & HR details wasn’t what he enjoyed and started helping others.


Industrial Manufacturing Revenue Growth Package

You build it. You own it. You reap the long-term value. Stop renting hours & insights - create your own revenue growth asset!



The Biggest B2B Sales Question Today is "Is it different this time?"

" The Secret to all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious. "...
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We're Living Through a B2B Complex Sales 4th Turning - Buckle Up!

The 4th Turning...for Society

You've read about Neil Howe, The 4th Turning...

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Technology is Just a Thing - Buyers and Managers are What Killed Toys-R-US & Sears

"Amazon killed Toys-R-Us" and other vapid commentary

Since Toys-R-Us...

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