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Jorge - VP of Market Development

What distinguish Ed from other consultants is his extensive experience on capital equipment, B2B and industrial markets in the US and internationally, offering a unique perspective on market and growth potential with experience on both sides, as a consultant and business owner


Dave, VP Marketing

Ed has an intuitive understanding of industrial B2B marketing. He comprehensively analyzes markets – often from angles and at depths others never consider. He instinctively segments and masterfully crafts the culturally appropriate message – developed for the vertical, geographic and audience demographic he targets


David, VP & GM

It has been a pleasure to work with Consilium. They have brought exceptional, experienced, and a broad based business perspective to our B2B business development efforts. Ed has proven to be a strategic asset to our business and has a clear understanding of global markets, digital marketing tools, international business and logistics, and has demonstrated a unique capability to deliver concise value add strategies.


Joe, COO

Ed’s excellent sales strategy sessions with our leadership led to outstanding recommendations on how to best develop our international presence. He is highly qualified in this area, and took the time to fully understand our unique advantages and challenges rather than offering generic, one-size-fits-all suggestions.


Klaus Peter, Director International Sales

What impresses me most about Ed is his understanding for multi-cultural differences in international trading and in his understanding for cultural difference in approaching international customers and partners


Laura, VP Sales & Marketing

Ed has done fantastic work for us here


Dave, Author & Sales Expert

Ed understands the sales process better than most folks I know – and I know a lot after a career of sales talent development. His strategic vision and tactical execution are both very strong


Jonathan, Founder

Ed’s approach really helped us focus and drill-down on the key sales drivers as an INC 500 Fastest Growing Company doing daily business on several continents.


Wayne, VP International Finance

When Ed calls I know we’ll have a thought provoking discussion. He has an unusual knowledge of FX issues and their business implications, and understands how to manage risks tactically and leverage opportunity strategically. And he never stops reading and researching


Suraj, Country Manager

Ed’s understanding of India is amazing; it nears that of NRIs. But his real wisdom is in understanding where his understanding ends. He has a reliable sense of when he is venturing into a cultural complication – so he avoids problems and maximizes opportunities

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B2B Manufacturing
You’re a lean manufacturer, and continuous process improvement is natural. But revenue growth is unpredictable and inconsistent. Apply process to improve that too!


Industrial Trade Associations
Do your trade members still need you in the ‘age of information?’ We’ll help you build thought leadership and member engagement strategies in a connected world.


Security & Defense Contractors
There was a time not long ago when you could sell it if you could make it. Consilium will help you grow again by creating dual-use revenue growth in an era of shrinking defense budgets.


Industrial Manufacturers Expanding
in the US

The huge US market remains the ultimate prize…but it’s so hard to succeed here. We’ll help you get started and grow consistently.


Industrial Trade Publishers
The dinosaurs couldn’t adapt – you can. We’ll help you create results industrial marketers value through new, profitable products you’ll both love.

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Global Consulting and Digital Strategy for B2B Manufacturing Sales Growth


Digital Marketing

Strategy & execution for content marketing, demand generation, lead management, marketing automation and sales enablement – consistent revenue growth and business results vs. simple marketing tactics

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Global Sales

Profitable sales to the other 95% of the world’s buyers - outside the US. Entering & growing the right markets at the right time while mitigating risks and maximizing opportunity.

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Powering Growth

Dynamically linking content marketing and international sales offers mid-size manufacturers the most powerful growth opportunity in the history of business.

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B2B Manufacturing Business Growth

Ed Marsh describes the challenge B2B manufacturing companies face and how to overcome it

Consilium focuses on the fundamental dissonance that exists between the rigor with which manufacturers manage their bottom line....and the reactive approach to top line growth.

By applying process excellence to business development - the top line - companies can make the next leap.

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