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Tasks, Decisions & Initiation - an industrial content marketing blueprint

Ed Marsh on May 23, 2017

industrial marketing b2b marketing

Tasks, decisions & initiation Seth Godin had a great post recently. Like much of what he writes, it's direct in it's prescription but general in its context - and broadly applicable since readers can read and reflect from their own perspective. Tasks, decisions, and initiation... Doing, choosing, and starting... Each of the three adds value, but on...
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How to Change a Bulk B2B Marketing Email - After it's been sent

Ed Marsh on May 17, 2017

b2b marketing

Typos & Broken Links We've all had that moment of realization that the carefully crafted email, proofed by 3 people, had a mistake. It may be a minor typo, perhaps an incorrect date or time for an event, or the common broken link problem. Maybe you see it in the copy you receive yourself. More commonly some sharpshooter in the company points it out...
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Marketing for manufacturers, stereotypes, data and hubris

Ed Marsh on May 16, 2017

b2b marketing b2b sales

B2B Marketing stereotypes There are many stereotypes in the world of B2B marketing for manufacturers. Two are relevant here. The naive soul who develops a project brief to "create a viral X" - could be video, infographic, article, tweet, etc. Everyone in the know guffaws at the idea that viral could be somehow engineered and deliberately created. T...
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Misunderstanding Gmail Hurts Your Complex Sales Success

Ed Marsh on May 12, 2017

b2b marketing b2b sales

"Gmail is normally spam mail" I hear that a lot - often in the context of discussing website lead conversions with capital equipment manufacturers.
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This overlooked B2B marketing metric is costing you $

Ed Marsh on May 9, 2017

b2b marketing

Search rankings are irrelevant! At least if you don't pay attention to whether they do you any good. Of course rankings are important - and probably becoming more so as voice search returns single answers instead of lists. But almost everyone assumes that rankings equal traffic. And generally if you're doing the right B2B marketing things to increa...
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Capital Equipment Sales & Implications of the Trump Tax Plan

Ed Marsh on May 2, 2017

corporate strategy b2b sales

Not politics, just the facts The Trump administration released it's high level overview of proposed tax changes on Wednesday the 26th. There's abundant commentary available regarding the (un)desirability of the proposal as well as extensive speculation about the details which all agree were scant in the Cohn / Mnuchin presser. That's for others to ...
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Foisting currency risk on your buyer doesn't protect either of you

Ed Marsh on Apr 27, 2017

FX & Currency export strategy

FX (Foreign Currency Exchange) in simple terms As American companies undertake international business activity a common question that arises is the risk of foreign currency transactions. There is some - but it's there whether or not the sale is made in USD or not. Let's quickly look at: the nature of currency risk depending on your business/transac...
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Book smarts, street smarts, oversimplification & marketing for manufacturing

Ed Marsh on Apr 19, 2017

industrial marketing b2b marketing strategy

Parenting coaches with no kids There are certain things that one only learns through life experience. Parenting, for instance. Not just sniping about how kids should behave in a restaurant or church, but the real, grueling, day in and day out journey of sharing joys & successes, empathizing with failures, teaching impulse control, developing discip...
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The Fallacy of an Industrial Inbound Marketing to ABM Progression

Ed Marsh on Apr 13, 2017

inbound marketing industrial marketing

Hopping from buzz to buzz...or ignoring change Never content to dig in, refine and be accountable for their success (or failure!) the players in the industrial revenue growth world play a funny game. Tell me you haven't watched this movie in your company! Industrial inbound marketing types tend to hop from one buzz worthy app to another. Often thes...
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Amazon beyond the kindle - anticipating impact on B2B Sales Strategy

Ed Marsh on Apr 8, 2017

corporate strategy business growth b2b sales

The Amazon threat and opportunity Many of the executives of B2B industrial manufacturing companies with whom I speak think of Amazon as a convenient place to have their personal assistant source a book they're thinking of having their leadership team read.
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