Pete Caputa industrial marketing and B2B revenue growth testimonial for Ed Marsh

Peter Caputa, CEO, Databox

With Ed, clients get strategic vision, tactical excellence and business savvy in a rare, single package. If you're a B2B manufacturing company that wants to grow, you've got to talk to Ed.

Kinetic & Potential

You worry about making your quarterly and annual numbers.

And you think about the role and position of your company in five, ten and maybe more years.

That requires two types of work - and my consulting work with clients matches that need.

Kinetic - Revenue Growth this year and next

This is the focus of my standard revenue growth consulting service. It includes deep research and planning, along with ongoing coaching and access to my unique resources, frameworks and toolkit.

It's designed for companies that know they need to do something more/different, but have haddisappointing experience outsourcing to marketing agencies.

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ed marsh industrial marketing & revenue growth expertise

John Panaseny

Ed and his team not only deliver advice that drives tangible marketing and revenue results, but his strategic advisory and industrial sales savvy are an incredibly valuable by-product of the work we’ve done. He ‘gets it’ and he makes it happen. I strongly recommend Ed’s expertise and advisory model to industrial companies that want to drive more results with their marketing and sales teams.

Potential - Strategy for ongoing viability and opportunity

What should your product road map look like ten years out? How will global market changes, political risk, demographic trends, technology and market trends impact your business and revenue model? 3D printing? Blockchain? Data as an asset? Subscription revenue models based on cloud data vs. traditional capital equipment sales?

These are all big questions that B2B companies need to consider at board and senior management levels. 

I work with companies to explore the important and big questions, and to develop strategies for ongoing profitable growth.

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