Peter Caputa Predicts Major Changes in B2B Sales & Marketing

Ed Marsh | Apr 16, 2024

Peter Caputa on Soccer, Beer, Gardening, and How His Training as an Engineer Helped Him Grow HubSpot's Partner Program from $0-$100MM


Peter is a private person who's happy to hang out at home, play soccer with his son, tend his garden, and drink microbrew. But that mild-mannered side of his personality belies an intimidating business intellect, grinding determination and discipline, and an intensely analytical approach to business challenges.

Jared Fuller included Peter early in Chapter Two of Nearbound (before he got to James Currier and Elon Musk!) Pete's HubSpot achievements are legendary. He conceived and sold a growth model to leadership that became its major driver of growth. Then, he implemented and executed the plan. But that's not where Pete's career started, nor where it's heading now. He's a chemical engineer by training, a mechanical engineer and salesperson by early career training, a software entrepreneur, and now CEO of Databox.

Pete doesn't hesitate to challenge the status quo and prevailing wisdom head-on. We talk about when he taunted Seth Godin, and how he recently blew up LinkedIn with his claim that the era of BDRs is ending. And we talk at length about the role of grit, determination and persistence to achieve the big change that's necessary to succeed in rapidly evolving markets.

Peter Caputa sees data in business 3D with a vision for how it will impact marketing, sales, operations and virtually every other aspect of business going forward. And he's building an engine to empower people to leverage the data.

Connect with Peter to follow his thought-provoking content, learn how he's using data creatively in marketing and sales, and watch him poke his finger in the eye of common wisdom periodically

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An Engineer's Perspective on Digital Marketing and Changing B2B Sales - Peter Caputa on Industrial Growth Insitute Episode 5


Episode Transcript

Episode Recap


In this episode, Ed interviews Peter Caputa IV, CEO of Databox, about his career and insights into #DigitalMarketing, #B2BSales and businesses.

He shares his journey from the 15th employee at #HubSpot through his launch and management of the massively successful marketing channel partner program. They discuss the challenges of #ManufacturingEcommerce the importance of #perseverance and #grit in business, and the evolution from #OutboundSales through #InboundMarketing to #nearbound strategies.

Peter also shares his thoughts on:

  • the decline of inbound #SalesDevelopmentReps
  • potential for industrial companies to adopt a different business development approach
  • various topics related to sales, marketing, and data-driven decision-making
  • importance of improving #SalesProcesses
  • need for more experimentation in the industrial sector
  • integration of marketing and sales, particularly in terms of collaboration and content creation
  • insights on leveraging #LinkedIn for #SalesAndMarketing

Then Pete offers a masterclass on the power of #Benchmarking in driving performance improvement and as a #BusinessDevelopment tactic. He discusses the role of #DataBox in making data-informed decisions and the potential of #ProductLedGrowth in industrial companies and concludes with advice on the importance of data aggregation and the need to adapt to changing market dynamics.


  • The importance of personal relationships in the sales process.
  • Perseverance and grit are essential qualities for success in business, and staying with a company for a longer tenure can lead to valuable lessons and deeper knowledge.
  • Why the traditional model of inbound sales development reps may be declining, and companies should consider alternative approaches that align with changing buyer expectations and technological advancements.
  • Why industrial companies should focus on improving their sales and buying processes to make them more efficient and effective. 
  • Why the integration of marketing and sales is crucial for success, and both teams should collaborate and align their efforts to optimize the sales process.
  • Benchmarking is a valuable tool for industrial companies to measure their performance and identify areas for improvement. 
  • DataBox provides a platform for making data-informed decisions and optimizing performance through benchmarking and analytics. 
  • Product-led growth can be a valuable strategy for industrial companies to engage with potential customers and build relationships. 
  • Industrial manufacturers should focus on aggregating and analyzing their data to gain insights and drive innovation.
  • Uncertainty and external factors can impact businesses, and companies should be prepared to adapt and navigate challenges. 
  • Industrial manufacturers should prioritize sales, marketing, and data-driven decision-making to stay competitive and drive growth.


00:00 Introduction and Background
01:14 Peter's Career and Insights
07:28 Long Tenures in Companies
09:05 Perseverance and Grit in Business
11:11 Audacity and Conservative Approach
13:47 Personal Interests and Hobbies
20:08 Building the Channel Program at HubSpot
25:08 Evolution from Direct Sales to Nearbound
29:22 The Decline of Inbound Sales Development Reps
34:08 The Industrial Perspective on SDRs
39:39 Improving Sales and Buying Processes
41:22 Lack of Experimentation in Industrial Companies
42:25 The Integration of Marketing and Sales
43:34 The Power of LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing
44:28 The Importance of Benchmarking
46:22 The Workflow for Daily LinkedIn Activity
48:49 The Role of DataBox in Making Data-Informed Decisions
50:09 The Potential of Product-Led Growth in Industrial Companies
52:31 Using Benchmarking in the Industrial Space
53:31 Adding Data Sources to DataBox for Benchmarking
55:43 Resources for Learning Digital Marketing and Sales
59:17 Managing a Remote Team and Lessons Learned
01:08:23 Concerns and Uncertainties in the Business Space
01:13:41 Advice for Industrial Manufacturers

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