Ed Marsh in his own words…..“It’s been a long journey – although some of the airplane seats are too small and some of the hotel rooms a little unappealing, it’s nevertheless a journey which I have enjoyed and look forward to continuing – perhaps with you as my next travel companion.

I was born in Germany, grew up near Boston and spent a part of my childhood living with a Vietnamese family.

After graduating from Johns Hopkins University I served in the 82nd Airborne Division as an Airborne Ranger Infantry officer, including participation in Operation Just Cause in Panama in ’89. I resigned from the Army to have time with my young family but carry with me formative leadership and management lessons. Planning “behind the lines minimally supported” missions, Jumpmastering a C-141 full of troopers and consistently preparing for a myriad of contingencies still are skills I draw on frequently.

While in the Army I substantially completed requirements for dual Masters’ degrees in Management and Human Resource Management.


Leaving the Army I eschewed family traditions of medicine and law, instead opting to learn business – and my first priority toward that end was to learn sales. Although any skill is never perfected, and learning is an ongoing process, I quickly developed notable sales expertise. Moving between several industries (B2B products and services including capital and specialized equipment, commoditized consumables and trade services) I have successfully migrated that aptitude.

I have worked in all positions in the Channel model – for manufacturer, distributor, distributor manager, master distributor, and rep/agent. I understand channel perspectives very well and even developed an innovative hybrid channel model through a company I founded in India.

Ready to move beyond distribution sales manager I purchased a substantial share in an American subsidiary of a German manufacturer – becoming partners with the German firm. Later, after acquiring the assets of that firm and assuming certain liabilities I built another American company which functioned as a sole importer and master distributor.

Bedeviled by the weakening USD/EUR cross I moved to establish a counter cyclical venture and founded a company in India – to export industrial equipment from the US to India.

I have recently built channel in South and Central America as well as in India (in a different vertical market.)

My experience includes substantial time in Asia, Western Europe and the Americas (North, Central and South) and experience in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

I love building channel, developing business and doing deals. I loathe the monotony of operational details. And therefore consulting. I get the best of both worlds. I learn new industries and markets. I earn my living. I focus on the part I enjoy – and I help American companies compete and succeed globally.

So I look forward to speaking to explore where we should be taking your business.”

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In Brief


  • born in Germany
  • multilingual
  • experience in each phase of sales channel
  • expertise in major markets Asia, Americas, Africa/Middle East & Europe
  • experienced in defense, security, pharmaceutical, industrial automation, printing, packaging industries
  • international business development experience with capital equipment, business services and consumables products
  • B2B & B2G expertise
  • founded and managed multiple companies
  • bought and sold businesses
  • operated company in India
  • grew up in Boston area
  • lived for time with Vietnamese family
  • graduated from Johns Hopkins University
  • Airborne Ranger Infantry Army Officer
  • served in 82nd Airborne Division
  • business development & sales star
  • partnered with foreign company
  • B2B industrial marketing expert