What it's not....

Typical outsource marketing agency stuff

You've probably seen the inbound marketing agency offerings - complex menus promising "fast, faster, fastest" assortments of services including blog posts, tweets and other activities.

And you've heard from others that everything is custom - depending on your business. Except they can't understand your business - they've never been in it.

I will work with you and your team - not me when we're selling, some mid-level project manager to get going and rookies day in and day out.

I manage my client workload where I enjoy it and we work well together and drive results. I don't add clients to cover staff overhead.

Sales training

There's lots of that out there. Some good. Most poor. Nearly all developed back when sellers controlled asymmetric information. 

Today buyers are in charge and the best selling is based on deep understanding of the business challenges your prospects have, clarity on how you fix them, and bright, creative, experienced sales people who are expert at asking insightful questions.


If we already have personas and keyword research do we still have to start with the foundation phase?

Yes. These elements all must be stitched together for it to really work. And honestly much of what passes for research is simply too shallow.

If we don't need ongoing coaching, can we still use the toolkit, framework, maturity model and other IP?

Yes. After the up front work then we'll have one quarter of coaching work which includes access to all the resources. After that it's up to you. Want to keep up the coaching? Fine. Want to drop that but keep the toolkit and resources? That's fine too. Coaching automatically renews by the quarter. Stop at any time with written notice 30 days in advance. (Please note that you can't turn the toolkit on and off - there's set up time with that.)

What does it cost?

The up-front work depends on the complexity (e.g. how many major product categories to how many significantly different buyer types). It's generally between $35-70K.

The ongoing advisory is a simple $7K/month, including the toolkit and resources.

The toolkit and resources alone are $3K/month.

Are results guaranteed?

No. Remember your team will need to do the work. I'll make it easy for them to do it effectively and efficiently, but they need to do it. Additionally your people need to manage the leads and sell the deals.

I can provide representative examples, and confirm that I've never seen it fail as long as a company has management commitment and at least one person focused on executing internally. 

How much time do you spend with us?

As described in Implementation and Process there's a formal structure. That's the baseline. It's common that other discussions are required to explore new initiatives.

Do we really have to use Slack?

Yes. If you want consistent, asynchronous assistance. Long, convoluted email strings don't help anyone....

How quickly do you respond?

Generally within a day. Often much faster and sometimes immediately. But plan on a day.

Do you work with small businesses?

I can, and do. The key is management and staffing. If we're never able to meet on schedule and accountabilities slip because of competing priorities and limited staff, it's probably not a good fit. On the other hand I have small business clients who have realized substantial growth through our work. 

After all, increasing sales from 5 to $6MM in a year, at 50% gross margin is a great return on $110K in work - especially because this work creates and maintains momentum like a flywheel.