Consilium Partners with OMG for Sales Force Testing and Screening

Ed Marsh | Jul 19, 2021 4:30:00 PM

Ed Marsh Announces that Consilium is Certified OMG Partner for Sales Force Testing and Candidate Assessments

BOSTON, MA - 26 July, 2021

Too many companies have invested in digital marketing, marketing automation software, and other tactics only to generate marketing results without a commensurate impact on actual revenue.

That's a problem - to invest in business growth without return. In fact, that's just a bottom-line cost.

Often the root cause is a sales force that's not prepared for today's selling environment. Gaps often exist from the VP leadership level, through sales management to individual contributors in field and inside sales roles. Yet, while many of the common personality assessments and behavioral styles screenings predict who will be a cordial colleague, they don't answer basic questions. Do current and potential members of the sales team have the requisite skills and traits to succeed, AND WILL THEY ACTUALLY SELL?

"My consulting journey with clients often starts with strategy, includes manufacturing marketing, and almost invariably ends up at the industrial sales stage as we gradually peel back layers of the onion," says Ed Marsh. "It's sadly common to find mediocre sales teams impeding companies' growth, and I'm delighted to partner with OMG to bring rigorous, science-based evaluation and recruiting tools to help our manufacturing clients improve this critical function."

Consilium's approach to ORE™ (overall revenue effectiveness,) which is an analog to the OEE process used by many industrial manufacturers, recognizes that each step in the revenue growth process must be optimized in order for the system to perform properly.

And while many say that sales is less important than it used to be, as more buyers turn to the internet to conduct research, the reality is quite the opposite. Now the sales function is even more pure and critical since the prospect interactions are more attenuated and the early relationship isn't forged around education. Therefore today's sales force must be comprised of top performers.

Objective Management Group's sales solutions include comprehensive evaluations of existing sales teams, and accurate and predictive sales candidate assessments. Reports measure all 21 Sales Core Competencies and include management insights and feedback for individual contributors.

Dave Kurlan, OMG's founder and CEO noted, "Ed took his first OMG assessment in 1992. I'm so excited that he's come full circle to partner with OMG so that he can provide his clients with the added value of OMG’s science-based sales intelligence which has been refined through more than 2,000,000 evaluations since the time that Ed was first assessed."

Sales team evaluations are most effective when they measure sales-specific competencies and capabilities, and identify gaps and weaknesses that hamper sales effectiveness. The OMG tools differ sharply with common personality assessments in vogue today. OMG's assessment parameters are adjusted for each company's industry and market circumstances to provide contextually proper recommendations. 

Capital equipment sales and industrial manufacturing - spaces in which Ed's clients compete - are often high-ticket, extended sell cycle, hypercompetitive spaces. Many companies are experiencing an alarming rise in "deals" which result in no decision, and they're hampered by unreliable forecasting and inaccurate pipeline management. And because so many outside forces act on each transaction, it's common for sales teams to feel virtually helpless in fighting the trends of competition and larger complex buying teams. Understanding the factors at play is more important than ever.

Sales force testing and sales candidate screenings are increasingly important to keep teams on track to hit revenue targets.

About Ed Marsh:  Ed has 25 years of experience in industrial marketing, sales & management. He's a HubSpot tiered partner and has helped a number of B2B companies achieve revenue growth success by coaching and developing their internal teams using this model. He's a graduate of Johns Hopkins, a former Ranger qualified Airborne Infantry Officer, NACD Board Director Fellow and member of the Association for Corporate Growth. He's also an experienced international businessman and former Export Advisor to American Express's Grow Global program.

About OMG: Objective Management Group, Inc. is the pioneer and industry leader in sales force evaluations and sales candidate screening. It is spearheaded by leading sales industry expert, Dave Kurlan.

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