Ed Marsh Helps Manufacturers with Industry Knowledge Graph Process

Ed Marsh | Jan 29, 2021 3:45:00 PM

Ed Marsh Announces Innovative Program to Help Industrial Manufacturers Position Themselves for Digital Dominance with Knowledge Graphs

BOSTON, MA - 1 February, 2021

knowledge management and corporate strategy are supported when industry manufacturers embrace knowledge graphs as tools to manage complex data from multiple data sources to provide domain knowledge and insights to others in the industry

Ed Marsh, professional speaker, author, consultant and founder of Consilium Global Business Advisors announced today that Consilium is launching a new knowledge management practice which will help middle-market industrial manufacturers create Industry Knowledge Graphs.

“SEO, inbound and content marketing are well accepted facets of manufacturing marketing,” says Ed Marsh, founder and Principal of Consilium. "The flip side is that they're common and competitive. Buyers expect more, and recent advances in technology for knowledge management make it feasible for SMBs to establish amazing industry thought leadership dominance by creating industry knowledge graphs."

The process of creating the industry knowledge graph is complex and intricate in execution, but simple in concept. Companies leverage their industry knowledge and authority to convene a group of domain experts from across a broad ecosystem. Those experts begin to develop cross functional content which becomes a knowledge base.

But the industry knowledge graph process doesn't stop there. Building upon "collective cognition" enabled with the bi-directional linking facilitated by Roam Research, from the loose framework of aggregated knowledge will emerge fascinating ideas, opportunities and insights at the intersection of perspectives and disciplines. That's the breakout opportunity for companies that lead the knowledge graph project, for the participants and for the industry.

Buyers are growing weary of vanilla, promotional content. They're seeking the authoritative and insightful proprietary insight that knowledge graphs deliver. We know from consumer facing industries that crowd sourcing can be powerful. The industry knowledge graph model is a hybrid - open to visitors, with carefully curated industry experts contributing a breadth of insights.

Marsh's process for creating industrial knowledge graphs for manufacturers outlines and manages the mechanical aspects of the project and guides companies through the selection and recruiting of experts, and the marketing of the resource to the market.

While it's not a marketing tool - by design it must be objective - it's a powerful way for a company that aspires to lead the industry to establish itself as an innovator, leader, and sponsor of the industry's most comprehensive and insightful store of knowledge.

Marsh continues, "This is a model for knowledge graphs which will surge in popularity. It merges and improves forums, wikis, association knowledge bases and other traditional sources creating a new type of resource. I believe that the Industry Knowledge Graph will be the killer marketing and authority app of the 2020s."

Companies that are interested in seizing this opportunity to establish dominant thought leadership in their industry can learn more at IndustryKnowledgeGraph.site.

About Ed Marsh:  Ed has 25 years of experience in industrial marketing, sales & management. He's a HubSpot tiered partner and has helped a number of B2B companies achieve revenue growth success by coaching and developing their internal teams using this model. He's a graduate of Johns Hopkins, a former Ranger qualified Airborne Infantry Officer, NACD Board Director Fellow and member of the Association for Corporate Growth. He's also an experienced international businessman and former Export Advisor to American Express's Grow Global program.

Roam Research Knowledge Graphs in Industrial Marketing

Revolutionizing Data Integration and Insight Extraction

In an era where data is king, the ability to harness, interpret, and share vast quantities of information is invaluable. This is where Roam Research's knowledge graph technology becomes a game-changer for industrial marketing. By leveraging knowledge graphs, companies can achieve seamless data integration, connecting dots between real-world entities and unstructured data pools, and providing a forum for industry contributors and moderators to lead discussion. This integration is not just about aggregating comprehensive data; it's about elevating the data quality and breadth of insightful information to a level where it becomes actionable intelligence.

The Role of Machine Learning and NLP

Machine learning can help knowledge graphs to evolve continuously, learning from new data inputs and refining its understanding of the industry landscape. Coupled with natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence, knowledge graphs can accumulate vast amounts of information, making sense of raw data that would otherwise remain seemingly irrelevant.

Knowledge Graphs: A Beacon for Search Engines and AI

Search engines and artificial intelligence (AI) systems rely heavily on structured data to provide valuable insights. Knowledge graphs excel in this domain by creating a semantic network that links different systems and entities, thus offering a nuanced understanding of various industry-specific contexts. This ability to present unstructured data in a format that is accessible provides insights is not just limited to external search engines but also extends to internal decision-making processes.

Bridging Gaps with Comprehensive Data Models

The beauty of Roam Research’s knowledge graph technology lies in its comprehensive data model. This model acts as a bridge, connecting different aspects of an industry in a "wiki" of sorts for the benefit of all industry participants. By understanding these different aspects, companies can make informed decisions, anticipate market trends, and tailor their strategies accordingly.

Semantic Networks: The Backbone of Knowledge Discovery

At the core of knowledge graphs is the semantic network, a complex web of relationships and associations. This network is crucial for knowledge discovery, allowing companies to unearth connections that were previously invisible. This could range from identifying new market opportunities to understanding the nuanced needs of different customer segments.

The ‘Know Your Customer’ Paradigm

In the context of various industries, the ability to 'know your customer' (KYC) has never been more critical. Knowledge graphs offer an unparalleled advantage in this regard. By incorporating information from multiple sources, these graphs provide insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points, enabling companies to tailor their approach to meet specific customer needs.

The Future of Industrial Marketing

As we step further into the 2020s, the role of knowledge graphs in industrial marketing is set to become even more significant. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, these graphs are not just tools for data integration; they are catalysts for innovation and growth. They enable companies to navigate the complex web of industrial marketing with greater precision and insight, driving informed decisions and strategic initiatives.

The Power of Knowledge Graphs

Roam Research's knowledge graphs represent the convergence of multiple advanced technologies, each playing a vital role in transforming raw data into valuable insights. This evolution in data handling and interpretation is not just enhancing the efficiency of marketing strategies but also redefining the very essence of industrial marketing. As we continue to explore the potential of these technologies, one thing is clear: the future of industrial marketing is data-driven, insightful, and profoundly transformative.